I can see you walking out.

How did I lose you?

I can’t let go of you, of us.

How can you give up on something we’ve been working so hard to keep together?

I can’t breathe without you.

You’ll leave me falling hard with an open heart.


I’ve tried to convince you to stay.

There is nothing more I can do but pray.

You’ve left me unguarded alone in the dark.

I can’t trust my legs I’m not used to walking on my own.

You’ve always been there one step ahead.

Holding my hand, kissing me ever so softy.

Your arms holding me so tightly.

Now I’ll be without.

Without your warmth

those eyes.

Without your sexy smile.

It would’ve been fine if only for a while.

But forever you’ll be gone.

Ripped from my life.


I know you’re somewhere out there.

With roses in your hand.

Giving them to someone you think you understand.


I miss you dammit.

Can’t you see?

That this pain I’m feeling is because of you leaving me.


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