Fragility in faith.

What does a single blade of soft green grass have that I do not? What inspires the wind to free fall among the trees? Who asks the sun to blister my skin and redden my cheeks? Why does the ocean craft and birth some of the most important species on earth? The divine purity of … More Fragility in faith.

Sustenance reclaimed.

Frustration seeps through my pores like oozing pus. Yellow, thick and repugnant. There is a darkening deepness inside of me that beckons to snuff out the remaining light left. Even the softness of a baby’s delicate cheek cannot appease my strangled soullessness. It feels as if copious amounts of poisonous saliva drip from my mouth; … More Sustenance reclaimed.


Suddenly I feel so dead inside, as if the endless nights of grooming my heart not to care was all for nothing.  one word,  just one and I’m frozen in place looking at you and crying.  why am I crying? ? Usless tears shed because I’m not strong enough to fend of the hurt. Why … More sorry

Easy Love

You are a conundrum. The essence of temptation. The things that drive me crazy, your voice, your entire creation. The fibres of my inner being, it lifts and elevates in desire. The thought of you makes my body perspire. Your lips are like a mountains crest, deep and contoured in definition. All I want is … More Easy Love


She was scared of the unknown The flittering embers of future unseen. Scared of the darkness that beckoned and crept upon her window. Her sadness and angst shone like glitter from her eyes. The fragments of her former life hung like teardrops from her fingers. Some dripping and losing the battle while others clung still … More Scared.

Absence of mind

White curtains, pure white, whistling with the wind Billowing, so free, so translucent in its delight. A blank canvas that could portray any and all things of hope and possibility. Absence of mind.   The clearness and invisibility of forgetting all that has transpired Forgetting the taste of his endless kisses. Erasing the memory of … More Absence of mind

One last time

I remember the unfathomable happiness that shone from my breast when I beheld your essence. The unmistakable tingling of my toes when you kissed my lips. The meadow of emotions that fragranced my skin all forgotten. All lost   The monster inside of me is restless and bares its teeth in retribution. He thrashes and … More One last time