Suddenly I feel so dead inside, as if the endless nights of grooming my heart not to care was all for nothing.  one word,  just one and I’m frozen in place looking at you and crying.  why am I crying? ? Usless tears shed because I’m not strong enough to fend of the hurt. Why … More sorry


FOREVER CHANGED I am forever changed. The pain of loving someone who has used your experiences and memories as life lessons are horrifyingly indescribable. I gave my heart to you and you crushed it, I never understood how you could have trampled on it with your 6 long foot.   I had forgotten What my … More FOREVER CHANGED


MY REASON I lived and breathed your existence. Your body, your hands, your soul. The tiny scars on your fingers from battles untold. The little sprinkle of gold in your eyes whenever they would unfold. The lies that were hidden behind every smile. The deceitful touches I had mistaken for enamourment. You were so clever … More MY REASON


FOUND After countless attempts of failure at love You enthrall my eyes with your darkness. Ever so broken, my wounded spirit limps toward you Crippled faith reaching out to you in the palm of my hand. Tentatively you caress my soul and melt my frozen heart. Beguile me with your sweetened charm, you fooled me … More FOUND


Running, running from you. Feet slapping against earth, rock and growth. Why did you do this to me? So blindly you cursed my fate. Do you know how much you’ve hurt us both? With your endless lies and consipracies? You must have thought me a fool! And so I run and flee. Even though I know you … More CAUGHT IN THE RAIN