I’ve finally found my Nemo The one I will spend forever with, you know. My eyes would shine with love and mirth. As we give our emotions a new birth.   I found you wondering near the sidewalk Stepping in confusion. You looked up and I fell instantly For your eyes were my… More MY NEMO


I am intoxicated with thoughts of you, your laugh, your smile and your obnoxious behavior. How you’d always doubt the fact that I loved you that I’d eventually leave you. I hate that you were right. I did leave you, but only because I feared for my heart. You’ll never understand the pain I felt… More Intoxication


Karma came back around ‘cause now I’m the one who’s hurting. I didn’t mean to break you down, to make you suffer inside. I forgot how lethal and destructive words can be and In my blindness I crushed your already shattered spirit. How sorry I am for the horrific caricature I’ve created in you. It… More KARMA

Nothing Compares

What does the moon know about my sorrow? Or the sun of my deep melancholy? Do they feel my deep disappointment? As I walk staring at my soiled feet? So many questions that are left unanswered. So many arrows aimed at my head. My lover’s breath I can no longer feel whispering against my fingertips… More Nothing Compares

Let it kill me.

The cages around my heart have been massacred Again I have failed, killed before I could be killed, Hurt before I could feel the violation of my emotions. When will this endless grotesque cycle conclude itself to dust? Fuck! I miss him so much, so damn much! And my soul screams at the loss of… More Let it kill me.